Our services

360° Marketing

Media Buying

With the vast experience within the AffiliMedia Global, we completely understand the risks when it comes to media buying. With our 7 step program for all media buying operations, we can provide you with a solution that will be the perfect fit for your requirements.

Email Marketing Services

Email advertising is one of the highest ROI forms of advertising today if done correctly.
At AffiliMedia Global we help B2B/ B2C service providers, increase sales through email marketing, with our understanding of the industry we can help increase conversions, revenues, and customer engagement.

Affiliate Network

Get the most you can from every visitor; our affiliate network provides the best offers within the industry to allow our affiliates to maximize their PPC earnings. With our drive for technological innovation, we have developed an array of tools and automated services that increase our affiliate traffic CR’s.

Why we are different

We are different because, we track, we evolve and improve. As a company we stay in touch with all the latest trends accross social media and other marketing avenues. We continually evolve in everything we do, and we are on a constant journey of improvement.

The number one problem we address, is companies great products who dont have the inhouse marketing expertise & knowledge to promote there products online. Our clients bring the products, we bring the marketing, exposure and sales. We offer a complete solution so our clients don’t have to.