Digital Marketing That Brings Results

We mold the exquisite experience for our clients by combining the hotel’s data, real estate and cutting-edge marketing technologies. We deliver your message to the right consumer at the right time.

Stay on the top of things with a comprehensive development plan and leading tools:


Email Marketing


Content Marketing


Multichannel Marketing


Smart data Marketing



Stay on top

Be the first ones for your clients with our progressive approach! Our proactive SEO strategies and content marketing rapidly boost your bookings and revenue.

Email Marketing


We build our client’s email marketing strategy expanding our client’s loyal customer base and always keeping the brand integrity in mind. Our email campaigns initiate customer’s responsiveness with eye catching design, raise awareness about unique promotions and encourage contact.
Main features:

Cutting edge design

Engaging visuals

Deep analytics for performance optimization


Content Marketing

Engage customer’s interest

We provide our clients with personalized, value-rich content that not only sells but also tells a story. AffiliateMediaGlobal is all about building the brand awareness and strengthening your connection with a travel consumer. We believe that unique content will not only put your name on the map but also considerably expand your customer base.

Content marketing is a highly effective way to engage your clients all over the web, including social media shares and search engine results. It brings the best outcome when included in a vast marketing campaign.

Multichannel Marketing

Building the brand’s digital marketing network.

We use all the ways to reach and involve your travelers. Marketing world has turned around with all the new technologies available, which gives us an opportunity to seize the moment when the client makes the purchase and tilt the scales to our benefit.

Each “hotel – customer” online interaction is a chance to build a beneficial contact and grow the loyal clientele.
We help our clients control and manipulate all the available channels with great efficiency. The combination of all the data at hand and it’s apt usage within a marketing campaign is the most effective way to extend reach, boost sales and increase revenues even during the slow season.


Smart Data Marketing

Guided by the data

We work with our clients to convert campaigns into greater visibility and extend reach of the brand. We target similar audiences to connect with a potential customer on their travel planning journey.

Our unique strategies allow us not only to achieve results in a only one campaign, but also to use the retrieved data to evolve further and give an on point and personalized solution for our clients.

Social Media

Stay on top

Social media marketing becomes more and more important nowadays. It’s a unique tool to connect with consumers and learn their preferences. The only way to accomplish a high brand recognition is to maintain extensive online presence, covering all the possible social media platforms

We provide a full SMM service for sustaining your online presence, including:

generating exclusive and relevant social content
social media advertising
social media promotions & contests
social media platform optimization
blogger outreach